How We Met

Thankful for those flashback Friday’s and tbt’s because we met with the help of those popular hashtags. A friend of hers had posted a flashback of her and a few of their friends. After I had seen the pic and noticed we were in the same faith and shared common friends from our church community, I was immediately interested in knowing who she was. I reached out to of ours friends and she helped to bridge the gap between us. After I was introduced to keepitonthe_lolo, I was thrown off because she was reluctant to give me her number but I had to slide through her dm (??). It made no sense to me, and til this day we still go back and fourth about it. Pressing on, I learned that she had come out of a long past relationship and had been single for sometime. Even more, it was refreshing to know how she maneuvered through the breakup because she always sought Divine counsel and confirmation for answers. That said a lot to me.

I was happy to know we were both on the same page and our morals and values were aligned for what would make a healthy life together. We exercised transparency for one another through communication. Some other ways were through books like devotionals designed for couples who are seeking marriage. One we found helpful was, 101 Questions Before You Get Engaged by H. Norman Wright. There isn’t a question that we faced without prayer, and we made a commitment to one another that the questions would be presented new and answered with honesty. Of course, like any relationship we had some challenges. The obstacles we faced were from deep wounds that surfaced from the past which we were able to overcome together, as partners. That was not only therapeutic but it was also the precursor that empowered us to be better for each other. Those challenges bought us together even closer making our union even stronger. We are big on honesty and transparency. We dated for a few months and were exclusive for almost a year until we found out we were going to be expecting parents. I guess I can say the passion between us bought us an early gift.

We knew we wanted to share the rest of our lives together and raise our child in a structural environment. So we agreed and became legally married with a wedding celebration underway. We are not perfect and sometimes we get on each other’s nerves, that’s expected when two different people come together. However, we strive to make love the center of our home. God has blessed us with each other in a way that we balance one another. We’re both happily married aspiring to build a positive image of the black family. To add to our joy, we have healthy and beautiful daughter with a motivated desire to live out a love that inspires many.