Letter To My Unborn Daughter


             I love you. I opened my letter to you with that so you will always know first and foremost that daddy loves you. I cant wait to hold you in my arms for the first time, to hear your little cries, to see your little smile , to hear you say dada, to watch you sleep peacefully and to chase the boys away. I will not be a perfect father. I will make mistakes, but I will strive to make sure that I provide for you in every way. Know that you are a child of God, you are a Queen and no one can tell you any different. Know that you will be born in a world that fears your potential, a world where your skin color will be a reason for you to receive hate, but you will learn that love trumps all hate. I promise to teach you about who you are, introduce you to God, I promise to be an example of what a man should be, I promise to pick you up when you fall and kiss your bruises, I promise to love your mother and work on our union daily, I promise to lead our family, I promise to protect you and mommy from any and everything that tries to harm our family, I promise to make Love the biggest and most important word in our home, and most of all I promise to always love you, my Zu, my zucchini, my first born, my legacy.