Being a father has been such an amazing adventure so far. It has not only taught me so much about the impact of presence, but also the importance of time. When my daughter was born, I spoke to her and watched her cries settle as she found comfort in the sound of my voice. There was a chill that came over me because for the first time in my life I was totally responsible for someone's well being. After witnessing my wife's womb develop over the course of 9 months; after feeling the movements, attending frequent prenatal appointments, seeing the sonogram and watching my wife go into labor, I remember being overwhelmed with emotion. It was at that very moment that I'd realize there already existed this innate responsibility to be present in my daughter's life.

When I reflect on the journey thus far, I can't help but to reference the relationship that I have with my father in order to find meaning in the experience of fatherhood. My father and I have not always had the greatest relationship but I always knew that he loved me and his actions were with great regard for the family overall. Before I was birthed, my father left Haiti and ventured to the US in efforts to make a better living for the family. This resulted in many years passed where time between father and son (still in tender young ages) to go unspent, and those priceless yet valuable moments that the two deserved became empty memories. Therefore, because of this, the product from our lack of bonding resulted in a strained and estranged relationship,

To me being a father means spending the time to raise your child like no one else can, providing when it may not always seem possible, protecting when you may be at your weakest. There will be no greater reward than to watch your child soak up all the lessons you poured into them and watch them bloom into the King or Queen you raised them to be. That is the joys of fatherhood... and this is my journey.