Black Breast Feeding Awareness Week

   I never thought that after giving birth to Zu that I’d encounter so many problems with breastfeeding. Truth is, the hard part had just begun. Breastfeeding is an enduring process that requires a great deal of perseverance and commitment.
Moms out there know what I mean with the challenges us superwomen face when nurturing our little ones. I faced just about every hurtle; the painful latching process, the decrease in milk production, the heartache in trying to soothe a colicky baby, and having to throw away liquid gold (breast milk) due to failed storing techniques. Like many first time moms, I was unaware that after every 20 minutes of pumping fresh milk, bacteria multiplies! Who knew?! However, when I was introduced to Nanobébé products, I couldn’t help to think why didn’t I know of them sooner?! First off, their bottles mimic the shape of a real breast that only made transitioning a breeze for the little Miss who tends to be super dependent on boob.
Secondly, the Nanobébé storage bags conveniently allow breast milk to spread in a thin layer making the freezing and thawing process a rapid one. This way my Zu received all the nutrients made by momma in full density...not to mention, the bags are space savers! Also, because Zu was colicky in the early stage of breastfeeding, I was very skeptical in using just any bottle so it was refreshing to know that Nanobébé bottles are designed with an anti-colic system.
Nanobébé products are approved by this momma! And if you’re looking for a great registry or baby shower purchase, you can find their products at Target, Buy Buy Baby, or Amazon... Don’t say I didn’t put you on.  
-Momma Lo