Love Thy Self

                   Sounds like such a no brainer right? But honestly there are so many of us that struggle with self love. If you've read my previous blog post entitled "My Dark Skin" you know that I dealt with some bullying that affected how I perceived my complexion. For a long time in my life it left me in a depreciated state and made it difficult for me to love myself. I'm sure if any of you are from the Caribbean then you know that our parents use reverse psychology as a tool to motivate; so let me give you guys some examples. Imagine two very religious old school Haitian parents who expected you to be perfectly obedient children, and then imagine a child like me who was dealing with bullies teasing me about my skin while struggling to be accepted at school. Now that you all have this pictured (hopefully), can you understand how it made me feel about myself when my parents would call me stupid thinking that it would motivate me to prove them wrong? Now bless their hearts because I know the intent and strategy they used to strengthen me, but it didn't exactly reap the positive results they expected. For me, I can say that things started turning around when I strengthened my relationship with God. So here are a few things I believe can help to improve how you perceive yourself.


  1.  Establish a relationship with God - when you know who's you are, you know who you are
  2.  know your history for better self identity - the past can uncover so much knowledge that can empower you
  3. Be positive - keep a positive attitude
  4. Surround yourself with love - keep those who want the best for you around (its good for your psyche)
  5. Avoid Negativity - protect the energy around you. it is vital that you cancel out the noise


What other suggestions can you think of to improve/combat a lack of self love?